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We are "The Bland Family" from Glennville, Georgia. A God fearing family, that's doing our part in winning the lost to Christ. We live in a fast pace world where so many people put God on the back burner and only use Him when the fire gets hot. That's why we, like every other Christian today are "Running the Race" fixing our eyes and lives on Jesus, so others can see His Glory.

Michelle and I started our ministry back in 1990 with some very close friends. We have been involved in singing at church function, weekly revival, camp meetings, benefit sings and etc. I was saved at the age of 12 on a tour of the Holy Land and then Baptised in the Jordan River.  Michelle was saved at the age of 12 while at The Wilds Christian Camp in N.C. We married in June of 1992 and have three precious boys, Westley age 18, Jordan age 16 and Adam age 5. The greatest joy in our lives was when Westley and Jordan asked Jesus into their heart. Westley at the age 16 November 5, 2009, and Jordan at the age 14, on August 12, 2009. Adam is our miracle child. Michelle had her tubes reversed in 2001 and we prayed for another child. In 2004, we had the die run and the doctors told us if we wanted another child we would have to resort to other methods. Discouraged, we prayed and had really given up and put it in God's hands. In July of 2005, we where in revival at Daniel Baptist Church, in Richmond Hill Georgia, when Michelle told me the good news.  Adam was born on Friday, Feb. 17. 2006.

Over the past 21 years we have released five albums. One with close friends, Alan and Kim Knight, we sang as “The Descendants” and in 1996, we cut our first album, “Coming Forth for Him”. The second was with our children in 1999. At the time they were 4 & 5 and that album's title was "In, Amen". The title song from that album was one the Lord gave Michelle and I. In January of 2003, we released our second family album, “Favorite Family Moments”. The Boys were 8 and 9 at the time. This album contains our children’s favorite songs and they hope these songs will inspire and encourage other children to sing along with them, as this is the message we want to spread. Even though our children are young, we pray that adults as well as children will enjoy our music. In October of 2004, we finally finished our fourth album "God Has a Reason for This. The boys where then 9 and 11. The Lord gave the title song to Michelle in 2000 when we moved to Creedmoor, NC. There are two songs on the album that was written by Bro. Joel Aldridge of Virginia. "Little Bit of Grace" and "Live for Christ". Our most current Album is "Hymns of Harvest". We've were asked several time to put together an album of just hymns, it's amazing what God uses and who God uses to make His message come throug.h