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Released 01/28/2000

"We are Descendants" and We're "In Amen "This is our first family album. The title consist of two song the Lord has given to us. There are 10 songs on the album. Both boys are featured on the album. We hope and pray it will bless you all.
"Coming Forth For Him"
The Descendants... Released June 1997

These are some very special friends of ours from our hometown in Glennville, GA. We sang together for 9 years and cut this album. It has 10 song: "Bound for a City", "Bound for the Land of Canaan", "Rainbow Ave", "Victory in Jesus", "The Rock of Ages", "Show me the Cross", "I'll Put on a Crown", "Everywhere I Go" and "I am a Christian".
"God Has A Reason For This"  10/2004

1. Just Ask
2. This Ole Sinner
3. God Has A Reason For This
4. Little Bit of Grace
5. My Redeemer Lives
6. Water Walkin'
7. Running the Race
8. Live For Christ
9. Westley on Piano
10. Jordan on Piano
11. All God's Children (with all our cousins)
12. Straight to Your Heart
"Hymns of Harvest"

1. On This Road of Gloryland
2. Jesus Hold My Hand
3. I'll Fly Away
4. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
5. Everybody Will Be Happy
6. The Old Rugged Cross
7. Heaven's Jubilee
8. Amazing Grace
9. Just A Little Talk with Jesus
Live 2011

1. Are You Washed
2. God's Home
3. Where the Dirt Stops
4. I'm a winging my Way Back Home
5. By Your Grace
6. Round the Kitchen Table
7. Save Me a Seat
8. Someone Died
9. Over and Over
New Album....
"Hallelujah Day"

1. We Can't Have Church
2. Oh What A Hallelujah Day
3. You Can't Do That Anymore
4. Old Camp Meeting Days
5. Written in Red
6. Come and Go
7. Save Me a Seat
8. I Am a Christian
9. Applause
10. Parent Medley
11. I Get To
12. I Believe in Prayer
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